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Suicide Prevention Education Resources and Training

Suicide Prevention Education

We help communities become safer from suicide.  We share news, insights, ideas, and resources to promote suicide prevention where you live.  Our blog discusses suicide prevention at work, home, and school.  We share lived experience and highlight support resources that can help your community.  Click on our crisis support sheets for free resources to help your community.  We also participate in forums, panels, training events, and keynote addresses.

Classes and Workshops

We are certified trainers who deliver evidence-based, internationally taught suicide prevention workshops.  Our workshops and uniquely tailored presentations allow us to foster hope, resiliency, and life. Our workshops include ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training,) suicideTALK, and the “SAT” Workshop (Suicide Awareness Training). Click on the schedule for upcoming workshop dates or contact us for an in-house quote.



We provide suicide prevention planning and safety consultation services. Our main focus is on suicide prevention and developing appropriate safety nets. We support you by reviewing your corporate or community safety goals. We work with your organization to refine your policies and procedures around mental health and suicide prevention.  Initial assessments can also be given for communities, schools, businesses, and organizations that do not have a current prevention plan.

We provide suicide prevention solutions for individuals, employers, organizations, and communities.




  1. The Greek word means comforter, counselor, advocate, and guide.  

  2. One who is "called to our side."  

  3. One greater than a friend.  

  4. One who will journey with you, no matter how difficult the path.

Great class with important information and lessons that will make me a better leader.

– Jim

The trainers were very helpful. They guided us through a difficult subject and showed us how to make a difference that can save lives. 

– Angela

The instructors were professional and knew the subject matter. They taught the class very well. This was not a boring experience.

- Alice

What People are Saying

The ASIST workshop was eye opening. Anyone can be at risk of suicide. This will change how I listen to people.

– Sarah

This gave me a clear path on how to handle suicidal situations.

– Lauren

I highly recommend this course for everyone. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and explained how communities can keep people alive.

– Kevin



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