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Giving Tuesday Can Support Suicide Prevention

Giving Tuesday or #GivingTuesday is the Tuesday immediately after Thanksgiving. The day focuses on volunteering and donating to charities and other worthy causes. Over $275 million was donated in 2017. Multiple websites and payment processors even wave fees when people donate to non-profits on this particular day. No matter how you slice it, Giving Tuesday is a way to encourage volunteer activities, charitable giving, and donations to worthwhile organizations as we enter the Christmas season. If you are looking for ways to support local suicide prevention efforts here are a couple of ideas.

1. Support a local suicide prevention coalition. These groups are on the front line of suicide efforts. They share resources, educate people on warning signs, hold town hall meetings, and point folks toward local support groups. Local suicide prevention coalitions are always great places to volunteer or donate.

2. Support a local counseling center. This is a great way to help people at risk of suicide. Counselors and caregivers are constantly available for support. Building a stronger counseling center where you live, is a great way to build safety and encourage hope in the community.

3. Volunteer your time for a worthy cause. Pick a cause or group, there are plenty of organizations that could use 60 minutes of your time. There are veteran groups, youth activities, after school reading programs, or call centers waiting for you.

4. Support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This group sponsors research, runs educational programs, and supports suicide survivors. Find a way to connect and strengthen the suicide prevention efforts they offer in your community.

5. Sponsor a person or organization who wants an ASIST class. ASIST workshops teach suicide first-aid. They show participants how to recognize when someone may have thoughts of suicide and enable them to stay safe. Sponsorships are available with Paraclete Life, LLC through our website.

Whether you give of your time, your talents, or your treasure, find a way to support suicide prevention efforts on this import day.

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