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Super Bowl Sunday Has Fewer Suicides

The Kansas City Chiefs just won another Super Bowl. But did you know that Super Bowl Sunday typically has fewer suicides than other Sundays during the year? 

A 2006 research study suggests that the sense of "pulling together" and "belongingness" found at sports-related events contribute to lower rates of suicide (Joiner, Hollar, & Van Orden 2006).

Social connection has also been shown to reduce the risk of suicide. The importance of gathering together continues to rank high on the list of protective factors that combat suicide. Research suggests that the quality and number of connections you have with family, friends, and acquaintances strengthens your social connectedness and lowers the risk of suicide.

Increasing soical connection and connectedness is a powerful way to protect against suicide. No matter how you employ it, social connections at the bowling alley, the baseball diamond, a social club, or a house of worship can aid people with the unmet need to belong.

Click on the image to read more about the 2006 research study relating to sports and a sense of belonging.

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